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Best Monitor Under $400 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Many shoppers online like to save as much money as possible and have a specific budget in mind, and we honestly get it. The most common price buyers allocate for a new monitor is around 400 dollars. Thankfully, you can actually get a lot for you money when purchasing a monitor under 400 dollars nowadays.

Best Monitor Under $400 – Quick List

  1. LG 32GK650F-B – Best Overall
  2. Samsung Odyssey G5 – Best 2K 32 inch Gaming
  3. HP 27f – Best Budget 27 Inch
  4. LG 27GL83A-B – Best 2K 27 inch Gaming
  5. BenQ EX2780Q – Best with Speakers Gaming
  6. Samsung S27R650FDN – Best for Work
  7. ASUS VG289Q – Best 4K Gaming
  8. Sceptre C275B-144R – Best Budget Gaming
  9. Acer Predator XB253Q – Best 240Hz Gaming
  10. Dell U2520DR Best Color Coverage
  11. ViewSonic VG2755 Best for Photo Editing
  12. LG 32UD60-B Best 4K 32 Inch
  13. Acer Nitro XZ342CK Best Ultrawide Gaming
  14. LG 27UL500-W – Best 4K 27 Inch
  15. AOC CQ32G1 – Best Curved Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 – Reviews

1. LG 32GK650F-B – Best Overall

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Overall)

The LG 32GK650F-B exceeds expectations for a $400 budget. It may be categorized as a gaming monitor, but this LG monitor can literally do it all. From streaming your favorite movies and tv shows, browsing the web, reading and writing emails, creating spreadsheets, to gaming and more.

The LG 32GK650F-B packs a 1440p resolution with a 144 Hz refresh rate, so it falls into that golden zone for modern gaming. But on top of that, it uses VA technology which is popular with gamers and perhaps the best for this type of display.

It also has FreeSync support with low framerate compensation and it’s compatible with Nvidia GPUs. Some of the absolute cheapest monitors with these specs do not include adaptive sync, so having it here is not only welcome but a requirement for any modern gaming display.

Crucially, it’s also flat, which will please the curved display haters.

The LG’s QHD resolution of 2560×1440 will enable you to see every microscopic detail. Not only is your entertainment enhanced, but photo and video editing will be raised up a significant notch as well. You may never want to leave your pc.

What tops it all off is the massive 32 inch display. Your movies and games will be bigger and better, and you can also get more work done with multiple windows open simultaneously. It’s a game changer.

2. Samsung Odyssey G5 – Best 2K 32 inch Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 2K 32 inch Gaming)

The Samsung Odyssey G5 features a 32 inch curved screen with a 2560×1440 Quad HD resolution, that truly pulls you into the action. The fast pace never stops thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The AMD FreeSync Premium makes sure everything is effortlessly smooth throughout. The HDR10 brings true to life deep blacks and bright whites.

All said and done, the Samsung Odyssey G5 is a very affordable option for the serious gamer looking for an edge over the competition.

3. HP 27f – Best Budget 27 Inch

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Budget 27 Inch)

The HP27f is a standard, no frills monitor, that still delivers a great picture and good performance. The HP 27f measures 27 inches and works on the IPS module that is viewable at every angle. Gamers will be satisfied with the low input lag. Those who use AMD will have the additional bonus of FreeSync support.

The 1080p resolution is standard, and provides enough detail for most pc users. The minimal bezels are definitely useful, especially for a multiple monitor setup. What really makes this monitor stand out though, is when you consider the fairly large screen size of 27 inches combined with a very attractive price tag.

4. LG 27GL83A-B – Best 2K 27 inch Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 2K 27 inch Gaming)

For the price, you can’t go wrong with the LG 27GL83A-B. You’re getting one of the fastest IPS panels available with a blur-free gaming experience. The 2K, 1440p resolution and gorgeous colors ensure you have an immersive experience every time.

If you’re someone who is looking for high resolution gaming, but does not need 4K, this is it. With a 2K resolution monitor, you generally get faster frame rates, depending on your GPU. Who doesn’t want crisp and clear details, with blazing fast speed? You get the best of both worlds.

5. BenQ EX2780Q – Best with Speakers Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best with Speakers Gaming)

The BenQ EX2780Q is fairly similar to the LG 27GL83A-B, except the BenQ includes built in speakers. It’s the same size at 27 inches, has a 144Hz refresh rate, but the response time is not quite as good as the LG.

The BenQ has a unique feature of a HDRi sensor that optimizes your color, contrast, and image clarity. The sensor can automatically determine the ambient light and adjust the monitor’s screen for optimal performance.

The built in 2.1 channel speakers are pretty darn good for a monitor. It features 2x 2w speakers, a 5w subwoofer, and a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which allows you to select the best audio mode for your game. It even comes with a remote to control it all.

6. Samsung S27R650FDN – Best for Work

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best for Work)

For those that allocate a good amount of hours towards work on their pc and are looking for the best possible deal, the Samsung S27R650FDN is for you.

The ultra minimal bezels on 3 of it’s sides and VESA support make it more than ideal for a dual or even triple monitor setup. You could seamlessly transition from one monitor to another.

The Samsung is 27 inches which is plenty of screen “real estate” to multi-task with various applications.

There’s a good amount of connectivity options including: 1x USB 3.0 B Type, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, DisplayPort, HDMI, RGB, and Audio & Headphone jacks.

The Samsung S27R650FDN can also physically rotate from landscape to portrait. It’s considerably useful for reading emails, browsing the web, programming, reports, spreadsheets, and more.

What may surprise you, is that with all of it’s bundled features the Samsung S27R650FDN is still very affordable.

7. ASUS VG289Q – Best 4K Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 4K Gaming)

If you want a 4K gaming monitor with an IPS panel, the ASUS VG289Q is the best option in this price range.

Image quality

This 28″ monitor delivers vivid clarity and detail with its rich pixel density of 157 PPI.

Additionally, it supports 10-bit (8-bit + 2-bit FRC) color depth and 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut for vibrant, consistent colors. For more accurate color output, you can simply use the provided sRGB emulation mode.

Its stunning colors and 4K UHD resolution make this monitor ideal for creating and consuming content, especially for jobs where color is essential, watching movies, gaming and other multimedia activities.


It supports AMD FreeSync over HDMI and DisplayPort with a VRR range of 40-60Hz, making it ideal for PC and console gaming. The VRR works fine with compatible NVIDIA cards, but your mileage may vary here as the monitor is not certified by NVIDIA as “G-SYNC Compatible”.

Other features include Shadow Boost (which changes the gamma curvature for better visibility of objects in shadow), a customizable reticle, pre-calibrated image presets, and on-screen timers.

HDR is also supported, but with a maximum brightness of 350-bit, it is not quality for VESA’s entry-level HDR support. Anyway, thanks to its wide color gamut, the colors will look a bit nicer on some HDR content, which is actually more than what some VESA HDR400 certified displays offer!

Design and connectivity

You can adjust the screen height up to 150mm, rotate the screen 90 °, tilt -5 ° / 20 °, rotate – / + 62 ° and mount it in VESA ( 100 × 100 mm).

Connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0 ports, a single DisplayPort 1.2 input, two integrated 2W speakers, and a headphone jack. The monitor also supports HDCP 2.2, allowing you to watch copy-protected content in native 4K UHD resolution on streaming services such as Netflix.

8. Sceptre C275B-144R – Best Budget Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Budget Gaming)

If you’re a serious gamer that is looking for a low priced, high quality gaming monitor, look no further.

The Sceptre C275B-144R is currently one of the highest rated & best selling gaming monitors on amazon right now. This is largely because it packs as many features as it can into a display that is now priced under $300.

The Sceptre C275B-144R has a substantial 27 inch curved screen that will definitely pull you into the action. It has a solid 144Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync to ensure there is no tearing or stuttering gameplay. Just smooth, high paced graphics and motion.

This is another monitor that would be great in a multiple monitor setup. Due to it’s small bezels, VESA compatibility, and low price. It’s a winner.

9. Acer Predator XB253Q – Best 240Hz Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 240Hz Gaming)

Picture Quality:

The 24.5 inches screen combined with Full-HD resolution can easily give a respectable pixel density of 90 PPI (pixels per inch). It is just right for the text and graphics to appear sharp and easily visible. It is a very distinctive gaming monitor because there are not many monitors in the market with the advantages of having an IPS panel and still able to achieve such right refresh rate and low response time.

Moreover, Acer Predators XB253Q’s IPS panel can offer wide viewing angles of 178°. It means no color shift when gaming or using the monitor at any other viewing angle. If this is not impressive enough, you will definitely love the vivid, accurate, and consistent color produced by its IPS panel which will provide an advantage when gaming. It’s 99% sRGB gamut and 8-bit color depth produces 16.7 million colors which are impressive.

Besides, the panel has a standard contrast ratio of 1000:1 and peak brightness of 400 nits. It is VESA HDR400 certified meaning it can perform screen level local dimming. it increases the dynamic contrast of the screen.


The performance of Acer Predators XB253Q is impressive. It is that rare monitor that has the advantages of an IPS panel and still manages to produce a refresh rate of 240 Hz and an amazingly low response time of up to 0.5 ms. The high refresh rates offer a smooth gaming experience and low pixel response time ensures no ghosting or trailing when objects are moving fast while playing games.

Besides, it supports VRR(Variable refresh rate) with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-SYNC technology. It enables the capability of changing its refresh rate dynamically according to fps, which helps in eliminating screen tearing and stuttering.

What more you can ask. This is the reason it is the best monitor in terms of both performance and image quality. It is the perfect balance that is expected from an ideal gaming monitor.


The monitor stands on a tripod-like stand which gives a solid base to the monitor. The stand is quite flexible offering a Tilt of -5° to 25°, an overall height adjustment range of 4.7 inches, a swivel range of +/-20°, and a Pivot motion of +/-90°. The look of the monitor is aggressive and surely gives the vibe of a  gaming monitor. The monitor is made of high-quality plastic painted all in black.

The Acer logo is on the left side at the back and also you will find a predator logo on the tip of the stand. It also has accent lines near the top of the stand which adds up to the overall look of the monitor. The bezels around the monitors are very slim which makes it more favorable for a multi-monitor setup. Also, reflection handling is on point all because of its low-haze anti-glare coating on the screen.

To sum up, it is the best gaming monitor you can get at this price point currently. The refresh rate of 240 Hz, Low response time of 0.5 ms, VESA HDR400 certification, and on-point color accuracy and consistency of the IPS panel does it all.

10. Dell U2520DR – Best Color Coverage

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Color Coverage)

Picture Quality:

The Overall picture Quality is the key aspect to look carefully when choosing monitor for photo or video editing, especially color coverage. It is the ability of the panel to display different range of colors. Dell U2520DR’s color coverage is astounding. It is rated 99% sRGB, 99% Rec. 709 and 95% DCI-P3 which is just right for professional editing work.

The 25-inch screen size with a high res QHD display translates to a pixel density of 117.5 PPI (pixels per inch). Meaning clear, easy-to-read text, and sharper graphics.

The monitor’s high-quality IPS panel produces excellent colors and is very consistent. Also, the monitor is calibrated out of the box at 99% sRGB, ▲E < 2 for accurate colors right. The native contrast ratio is quite standard being 1000:1. Peak brightness is 350 nits which is okay unless using the monitor under direct sunlight also because of poor reflection handling. It supports HDR10 which works fine. Nothing extraordinary because of the fact it has an average peak brightness rating and decent black uniformity.

Moreover, the monitor is VESA HDR400 certified, a basic level of VESA HDR ratings. As a result, the monitor can dynamically increase its contrast and color remain consistent and rich even at peak brightness.


The Dell U2520DR is a decent performing monitor and that is okay considering it primarily for photo or video editing. You can use it for casual gaming at 60 Hz as it has extremely low input lag and an impressive response time (5 ms).


The U2520DR is a very sleek and modern looking monitor. It has a black finish in front and grayish at the back. The stand is sturdy, minimalistic, and provides solid support to the monitor. Also, it supports a wide range of movements like swivel (90°), Tilt (-5°/+21°), Rotation (180°), and height adjustment of 5.1 inches. If you want to mount the monitor for some reason, you would be happy to know it has VESA 100 x 100 mm mount.

Overall, Dell’s U2520DR provides solid color accuracy and coverage, a minimalistic and modern design, and a wide range of ports.

11. ViewSonic VG2755 – Best for Photo Editing

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best for Photo Editing)

Picture Quality:

Let us start with one of the important aspect for the office monitors that is screen. It has QHD(2560 x 1440) display and 27 inch screen size which delivers enough pixel density for the text to be very clear and crisp. Also, it features wide viewing angles of 178° both H/V. It helps you easily share your screen with colleagues without losing color accuracy and consistency.

Another essential aspect is Flickr handling. It is because it makes long sessions on the monitor easy to the eyes. Fortunately, ViewSonic VG2755 – 2K has Flicker-Free technology and a Blue Light Filter which does the job well. The monitor also has 100% sRGB coverage means it can show a wider range of color than other standard monitors.


The performance on ViewSonic VG2755 – 2K is more than enough for office work. Surprisingly, its low response time of 5 ms and low input lag combined with a 60 Hz refresh rate makes it suitable for decent gaming also.


The monitor stands on a firm rectangular base stand. The stand itself is rectangular shaped and provides strong support to the monitor itself. Its thin and seamless bezels around make it even more suitable for a multi-monitor setup.

The stand is very flexible. It provides a wider range of movements of Tilt: -5° to 40°, Height Adjustment Range: 130 mm, Swivel: 120°,  and Pivot: +/-90°. It can be adjusted accordingly whether you are sitting on the desk or standing at times.

In conclusion, 27-inch QHD display, wide viewing angles, modern look, and flexible adjustments of ViewSonic VG2755 – 2K makes it a perfect monitor for office under $400 in 2020.

12. LG 32UD60-B – Best 4K 32 Inch

best 32 inch 4k monitor under 400
Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 4K 32 Inch)

Picture Quality:

LG 32UD59-B’s 4k 32″ screen is best suitable for viewing movies or streaming online. It can produce deep blacks-perfect when watching movies in the darkroom. It has a contrast ratio of about 3000:1 which is about 3 times higher than other LED LCD panels. Also, the monitor has wider color coverage meaning it can show a wide variety of colors and hence improves color accuracy.

Moreover, color reproduction on this monitor is in its league of its own. Once calibrated, it delivers excellent color reproduction. However, the two disadvantages of this monitor are one, its poor viewing angles. Eventually, the color accuracy and brightness as viewing from side decreases notably. Another disadvantage is its lower peak brightness. It is only problematic if you are using it in a very bright room or under direct sunlight.

Otherwise, it is a very impressive monitor for movies or streaming and gives an immersive viewing experience


An important aspect many people might be sensitive to is flicker. It is important, especially when looking at monitors for longer times like in gaming or movies. Thankfully, it has no signs of visible flicker. Talking about other factors, it has a very impressive pixel response time of 4ms, which is fast than most other monitors. It also supports AMD FreeSync technology which matches fps to screen refresh rate in the range of 48 to 60 Hz. It can eliminate screen tearing or stuttering in that limited range.


Nothing too extraordinary in the looks of the monitor. The monitor is made of high-quality plastic. It has this matte black color coating. The bezels around the monitor are okay. Not too thin nor too thick either.

The stand of the monitor is solid and doesn’t let this huge monitor wobble too much. It is also painted in a matte black color similar to the monitor. However, it is slightly disappointing that the ergonomic options are limited. It only supports height adjustment (120 mm) and Tilt (-5° to 40°). But, you can mount it on VESA 100 x 100 mount.

To summarize, it is a very well suited monitor for movies in this budget. It has deep blacks, a wider color gamut, rich color reproduction, high res, and a huge display which says it all.

13. Acer Nitro XZ342CK – Best Ultrawide Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Ultrawide Gaming)

The Acer Nitro XZ342CK is a monitor that does not excel at all the criteria like gaming, editing, or watching movies in particular. Rather it is a monitor that combines the characteristics of all other monitors into one at a moderate level. This makes it the best monitors under 400 overall.

Picture Quality:

The Acer XZ342CK‘s 3440×1440 resolution, 34-inch huge screen translates to a pixel density of about 110 PPI (pixels per inch). This makes everything sharper and immersive whether it is high res gaming, or QHD movie watching experience, or editing photos or videos.

It has an IPS panel which means colors are accurate, consistent, and vivid. Color coverage on this monitor is pretty decent, with 99% sRGB coverage it has enough variety of color. It has a true color depth of 8 bit producing 16.7 million colors.  It supports HDR10 which will provide a more dynamic range, bright, and vibrant colors. The viewing angles are great on this monitor. No distortion visible even though it has a flat ultrawide display.

Moreover, the Acer XZ342CK has a peak brightness of 250 nits. It is okay for normal conditions, unless in very bright rooms or under direct sunlight as glare would overcome the screen visibility. Also, you might see some backlight bleeding. It is normal with IPS panel and the bleed is not bothering.

Overall it is a good viewing experience on this ultrawide monitor.


The Acer XZ342CK delivers a very low pixel response time of 1 ms with VRB(Visual Response Boost ) enabled and a lower input lag of about 5 ms. That is extraordinary and improves overall gaming performance.

It packs FreeSync support, which improves gaming performance by eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. FreeSync changes the refresh rate of the monitor on the go to match the fps without compromising much of the input lag.

The AMD FreeSynch works in the range of 48-144Hz. If fps goes below 48, the frames rates are multiplied to give you smoother performance. This is cool. Although Acer XZ342CK does not support G-Sync automatically, it can be enabled manually.


The monitor stands on a circular based stand which provides firm support to this huge ultrawide monitor with minimal wobble. The stands look standard and it is painted black. The stand only offers -5°/35° tilt adjustments. Thankfully, it is VESA compatible mount.

Moving on to the monitor itself, it looks nice overall. It has thinner look with super-thin bezels all around except for than big chin. Both monitor and stand are made of high-quality plastic material and doesn’t feel cheap.

Connectivity options on Acer XZ342CK includes 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 x DisplayPort 1.4, a headphones jack, 3 x USB 3.0 (1 upstream and 2 down), and a dual 3W integrated speakers.

14. LG 27UL500-W – Best 4K 27 Inch

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best 4K 27 Inch )

If you’re after a 4K display, the LG 27UL500 is the best IPS monitor under $400. Keep in mind that it only costs less than $350 when on sale. In case it doesn’t, we recommend the Philips 276E8VJSB as an alternative, although it does not support some features such as compatibility with FreeSync , HDR, or VESA mounts .

We highly recommend saving an additional ~ $70 for the ASUS VG289Q with a wide color gamut, HDR, FreeSync, and fully adjustable stand as the best budget 4K IPS monitor.

Image quality

4K Ultra HD resolution delivers incredible picture quality with maximum detail. The LG 27UL500 is equipped with an IPS panel with 10-bit color support (8-bit + FRC ), 1000: 1 contrast ratio, 300-bit maximum brightness and color space coverage Factory calibrated 98% sRGB .

So not only will the image be crisp and vivid, but it will have vibrant and crisp colors suitable for budding designers.

Unfortunately, PC gaming in 4K is quite demanding, so you need to have a powerful computer or lower the picture settings in some games. A good thing is that due to the high resolution, you won’t need to use anti-aliasing , which will help you improve frame rate performance.

As the LG 27UL500 supports FreeSync, the monitor is better suited for RX Vega 56/64 and Radeon VII cards, as the variable refresh rate can also greatly contribute to performance, although the dynamic refresh rate range is only 40Hz. -60Hz. Other functions such as black stabilizer and dynamic action synchronization are also available.

The display also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). However, if it can accept HDR signal and display it, it lacks display capabilities like wider color gamut, higher contrast and higher brightness to actually improve the quality of the video, picture. So the HDR image will look washed out most of the time.

This software support for HDR doesn’t really impact the price of the monitor, so it’s more of a gimmick bonus feature than a real reason to buy this display.


As the LG 27UL500 is 27″ in size, the 4K resolution will result in a very high pixel density of around 163 PPI. So everything will be tiny, and you’ll have to scale everything to make the text readable.

Unfortunately, some applications (including some video games) are not to scale, although this is mostly the case with outdated software.

Design and connectivity

The LG 27UL500 4K monitor has a fairly thick frame and is compatible with VESA mounts, but only tilted. Connectivity includes two HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 ports. FreeSync is supported on both DisplayPort and HDMI ports with a range of 40-60Hz. With NVIDIA cards, however, G-SYNC seems to only work in the basic FreeSync range which is 48-60Hz.

15. AOC CQ32G1 – Best Curved Gaming

Best Monitor Under $400 2022 (Best Curved Gaming)

Want a large 32″ gaming monitor? The AOC CQ32G1 offers exceptional value for money. Note that there is no 32″ 1440p 144Hz model with TN or IPS models, so you’ll have to settle for a VA display if you want a 32″ display.

Image quality

Now, since the 2560 × 1440 resolution is displayed on a larger screen in this case, you won’t have as much space and detail as on a 27″ 1440p monitor.

However, you get a bigger screen which can make the gaming experience more immersive for some users. Keep in mind that a 32″ monitor is large enough and you will need to sit a little further away from the screen.

Other specs related to the display include a 3,000: 1 contrast ratio, 300-bit peak brightness, and a color gamut of around 125% sRGB.

Although the colors of the CQ32G1 are not as precise and consistent as those of the IPS panels, they are rich and vivid, much better than those of any TN model.

The monitor’s 3,000: 1 static contrast ratio results in deep blacks as well as a more vivid relationship between darker and lighter tones.

Alas, when pixels need to switch between colors, they can’t quite keep up with the refresh rate of the monitor. This results in visible drag from fast moving objects, especially noticeable in dark scenes where dark pixels are involved.

Some people can tolerate this phenomenon because in return you get excellent picture quality, but others, who play fast games in competition, will not be able to stand it.

So if you are a casual gamer this shouldn’t be a problem.


The AOC CQ32G1 monitor features motion blur reduction technology which can be activated by setting the Overdrive parameter to “Boost”.

You can also adjust the frequency of the backlight strobes via the “MBR” parameter. This can go a long way in eliminating motion blur, but this feature cannot be enabled at the same time as FreeSync.

FreeSync is supported on both HDMI and DP with 48-144Hz dynamic refresh rate range with stable G-SYNC performance.

Plus, you’ll find pre-calibrated picture presets (FPS, RTS, Racing, and three customizable player profiles) as well as Shadow Control and Game Control for gamma / saturation adjustments.

Design and connectivity

The AOC CQ32G1 has a tilt mount only but it can be mounted to a third party mount via the VESA 100x100mm model. On the back of the monitor you will find HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 inputs as well as an audio jack. The HDMI 1.4 port is limited to 75Hz at 1440p.


The AOC CQ32G1 is the best 32″ 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor you can get for under $400. If you want a similar monitor but with a flat screen instead, check out the LG 32GK650F.

If you are looking for a 27″ 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor with a VA panel, check out the detailed overview of the AOC CQ27G1 which is essentially a 27″ variant of the CQ32G1. It has an ergonomic design and costs only 250 dollars.

You can also get a 27″ 1440p 144Hz VA gaming monitor with a flat screen, the MSI MAG272QR .

Finally, if you want a good HDR gaming monitor, consider investing a little over $400 for the Samsung CHG70 with DisplayHDR 600, which means localized dimming, a wide color gamut, and a peak brightness of 600 bits for HDR content.

What Can You Get With a Monitor Under $400?

Screen Size

Monitors under 400 dollars typically have a 19 inch to 32 inch screen, with the majority being 24 inches. 24 inch monitors are currently the best selling size of all monitors, compared to every size at every price. 27 inch displays are also very popular, since they provide a larger screen to work with while still not taking up too much space. 32 inch monitors are quickly gaining in popularity, and literally could be the next standard at any time.


Most monitors under 400 dollars have a 1920 x 1080, Full HD (FHD) screen resolution. FHD works perfectly with the 19 to 27 inch screen range, because the pixels are not as widely distributed, and produce a sharper more detailed image. If you’re looking for a 32 inch display, you should get a monitor with a QHD (2560 x 1440) or 4K (3840 x 2160) screen resolution.

Refresh Rate & Response Time

Refresh rates and response times are key factors for display imaging speed and for games. Most of the monitors under 400 dollars come with a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. This will get the job done for most of your daily tasks and standard gaming. There are some monitors with higher specs, that can range from a 75Hz to 240Hz refresh rate.

Display Technology

The best monitors under 400 dollars mostly utilize IPS technology. IPS or In-Plane Switching displays, are more vibrant in color and have increased viewing angles compared to TN panels. TN panels appear to be dull when viewed from sides, while IPS displays do not fade.

Monitor Under $400 FAQs

Is a monitor under 400 good?

Yes, definitely. Because of the large number of well known computer product competitors worldwide the quality of monitors continues to go up while the cost goes down. In fact, a monitor that around 400 dollars is considered somewhat premium while still affordable.

Is a monitor under 400 good for gaming?

Yes again. You can get a lot for your money nowadays when shopping for a gaming monitor. And as previously mentioned monitors that cost approximately $400 are usually more higher end while still retaining affordability.

What is the best ultrawide monitor under 400?

If you’re looking for an ultrawide monitor that is great for multi-purpose applications we recommend the LG 34WK650-W. If you want an ultrawide screen that is geared for gaming then just take another look at the Acer Nitro XZ342CK, which is included in our list of reviews above.

What is the best curved monitor under 400?

The Philips 322E1C is a great multi-use option. It’s also incredibly affordable with a current price of less than 300 dollars. The AOC CQ32G1 is our pick for the best curved gaming monitor under 400.

What is the best 2k monitor under 400?

The LG 27GL83A-B may be classified as a gaming monitor, but it’s a highly versatile 2k monitor that excels with spreadsheets as much as it does with first person shooters.

What is the best 4k monitor under 400?

We highly suggest the LG 32UD60-B  which is 32 inches and the LG 27UL500-W which is 27 inches.

More Buying Guides

If you think $400 is a little over your budget you can check out our other buying guides including: best monitor under 300, best monitor under 250, best monitor under 200, and best monitor under 150.

If you can afford a bit more, take a look at the best monitor under 500 buying guide.


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