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Best 2K Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for the best 2k monitor? You’re in the right place. Full High Definition (FHD) or 1080p monitors which have a resolution of 1920×1080, are quickly being replaced with higher resolution monitors such as 2k or 1440p. Gamers and non gamers love the increased level of detail and clarity. We’ve compiled a list below for the top 10 best 2k monitors, complete with product reviews.

Best 2K Monitor – Quick List

  1. Philips 325E8 Best Overall
  2. BenQ BL2420PTBest 24 Inch
  3. Dell S2721DBest 27 Inch
  4. LG 32QN600-BBest 32 Inch
  5. VIOTEK FI24DBest Gaming 24 Inch
  6. LG 27GL83A-B Best Gaming 27 Inch
  7. Samsung Odyssey G5Best Gaming 32 Inch
  8. LG 34GP83A-BBest Gaming 34 Inch
  9. Sceptre C355W-3440UNBest Gaming 35 Inch
  10. Samsung C27F398 Best Curved

Best 2K Monitor – Reviews

1. Philips 325E8 – Best Overall

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Overall)

Almost every monitor that Philips currently makes it great (seriously). The Philips 325E8 takes numerous positive attributes to the next level with a considerably large 32 inch 2k curved screen. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles we believe that the standard size for monitors will continue to increase, similar to the expansion of the average TV screen.

It seems that essentially everyone now currently owns (or wants to own) a large screen TV. Larger monitors is also encouraged by the ability to watch your favorite streaming content on your pc. Of course there are additional benefits for work related tasks and gaming as well.

Philips is also well known for catering (in a very good way) to designers and photographers, with this particular monitor having a sRGB coverage of 123%. The color vibrancy and contrasts are palpable even to the untrained eye.

We’ve seen the Philips monitors go in and out of stock very frequently because of high demand, so you should get your hands on one while their still available.

2. BenQ BL2420PT – Best 24 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best 24 inch)

The BenQ BL2420PT is a compact, multi-purpose 2K monitor that is especially great for designing and daily tasks. CAD/CAM, Photoshop, and Illustrator users will love this monitor. It’s taylor-made for designers and the finest details. This is supported by the QHD resolution. The sRGB color gamut coverage is also an impressive 100% and Rec. 709. You can physically rotate the monitor thanks to it’s highly adjustable stand. Being able to view the monitor in portrait mode is ideal for designing and viewing projects that are natively in portrait landscape. Designers know exactly what were talking about.

3. Dell S2721D – Best 27 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best 27 inch)

The Dell S2721D is a mid-sized, versatile 2k monitor with an increased focus on business and productivity. Dell has definitely made it’s name well known, especially at the offices of businesses across the country. If you do a considerable amount of work at home, the Dell S2721D is probably what you’re looking for. The 27 inch screen gives you plenty of room to multi-task with multiple windows and applications. You can even further your productivity by creating a multiple monitor setup. This can be easily achieved with the S2721D thanks to the minimal bezels, VESA support, and affordable price.

4. LG 32QN600-B – Best 32 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best 32 inch)

The LG 32QN600-B is a large, multimedia 2k monitor that strives to provide a good balance of business and entertainment. Because of the current low price and massive 32 inch screen, the LG 32QN600-B is currently the best selling 32 inch monitor on Amazon. That alone should get your attention. At WTG we personally prefer using multiple larger monitors at once with a minimum of 32 inches. They are ideal for creating an expansive viewable area to work and play with. If you are serious about getting things done and having fun watching streaming content and playing pc games, check this monitor out pronto.

5. VIOTEK FI24D V2 – Best Gaming 24 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Gaming 24 Inch)

The VIOTEK FI24D is a budget friendly, entry-level, 24 inch gaming monitor that does a lot of things right. With the super low price and modern design you can’t go wrong. It has a solid 75Hz refresh rate that will perform well on pretty much every game. The included FreeSync and GSync should eliminate any tearing as well. Last but not least, the 1440p resolution gives you ultimate detail to dominate your favorite pc games.

6. LG 27GL83A-B – Best Gaming 27 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023
Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Gaming 27 Inch)

If you’re a more serious gamer, how does a 27 inch, 2K monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and G Sync sound? It should be music to your ears, especially when it comes from a reputable brand such as LG. This literally is a monitor geared for gamers, and it has the tech to back it up.

You will be light years ahead of most of your competitors with the integrated technologies. The 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate will provide an essentially instantaneous response to your environment. Incredibly useful for first person shooters and other high speed action games.

The high color coverage of sRGB 99% ensures that you experience the game the way it was meant to be, with accurate vibrant colors. The integration of NVIDIA G Sync removes and reduces screen tearing and stuttering to ensure that you don’t miss a beat whilst in the heat of battle. The incredible contrasts give you an edge in areas with low light, where some enemies may literally not be able to see you, but you can see them.

If you are serious about gaming, you need a serious gaming monitor, and this is one of the best.

7. Samsung Odyssey G5 – Best Gaming 32 Inch

Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Gaming 32 Inch)

The Samsung Odyssey G5 goes to the next level with it’s 32 inch, curved, 1440p display. Samsung is still the world leader in display technology, and it clearly shows with the Odyssey G5. The WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 gives you 1.7x the pixel density compared to standard FHD monitors. Not only does it have a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, it also has the ultra modern design of a gaming monitor. We love the sharp edges and details on the front and back of the monitor. It pairs incredibly well with a decked out gaming desktop pc, gaming mouse, gaming headphones, and gaming chair.

8. LG 34GP83A-B – Best Gaming 34 Inch

best 34 inch 2k gaming monitor
Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Gaming 34 Inch)

The LG 34GP83A-B pushes the boundaries even further for the avid gamers with a curved, QHD, 34 inch screen. The ultrawide layout with a 3440 x 1440p resolution gives you unbelievable detail to outdo just about every competitor when playing pc games online. The LG 34GP83A-B also has the highest refresh rate from this list with 160Hz. Not too shabby.

9. Sceptre C355W-3440UN – Best Gaming 35 Inch

best 35 inch 2k gaming monitor
Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Gaming 35 Inch)

The Sceptre C355W-3440UN ups it one last notch with it’s 35 inch curved screen. Almost no one will have a better gaming setup, especially if you have 2 or even 3 of these bad boys. Just imagine a 70 inch or 105 inch multiple monitor setup. The frameless, modern design, and affordable pricing make it seem fairly practical.

10. Samsung C27F398 – Best Curved

Best 2K Monitor 2023
Best 2K Monitor 2023 (Best Curved)

Samsung is no stranger to high quality displays (tvs, phones, monitors, etc.), there actually currently the world’s leader in the category. If you want a good sized curved monitor, from a brand you can easily trust, this is definitely one of them.

The Samsung C27F398 has a 1800R curvature which pulls you in to whatever your viewing. And that’s the point with a curved screen, you get an increased immersion and field of view, and all of the benefits associated to it.

For many computer users, once they purchase a curved monitor, all the future displays are curved as well. If you’re a business person, artist, streaming content enthusiast, gamer, or even all of the above, you will love this Samsung monitor.

Best 2k Monitor FAQs

What is a 2K Monitor?

A computer monitor’s resolution is displayed as horizontal (x) pixels multiplied by vertical (y) pixels. 2K monitors have a horizontal resolution of approximately 2,000 pixels. The standard 2K resolution is 2048 x 1080. 2K can also include 2560 x 1440 monitors, which are also called QHD or 1440p.

Is a 2K Monitor Good Enough?

Yes, definitely. 2K monitors provide incredible visual quality. They literally give you 2 times the amount of pixels of a standard Full HD monitor. Movies, TV Shows, Games, and just about everything else, will look sharper with significantly more detail. Your productivity can also be increased because of the higher resolution. You literally can fit more content on the screen, with pixel perfect precision.

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