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Best Monitors with Speakers – Ultimate Buying Guide

The best monitors with speakers actually have a built-in speaker integrated within the panel itself, so that pc users, like yourself, don’t have to spend extra cash on external speakers or headphones. Additionally, without the need for external speakers, you can free up some desk space and reduce clutter as well. Computer monitors with built in speakers usually feature dual hq speakers that efficiently deliver stereo audio. They’re great for listening to music, viewing streaming content from YouTube and Netflix, and playing your favorite pc games.

If your requirements include working or gaming, we have listed productivity focused and gaming monitors that feature built-in speakers. If you want to save a buck or two, we’ve got you covered as well. We have a monitor with speakers for just about everyone.

Best Monitor with Speakers – Quick List

  1. ASUS MZ27AQL  Best Overall
  2. Philips 272E1CA Best Curved
  3. LG 34WK650-W – Best Ultrawide
  4. BenQ EX2780QBest Gaming
  5. AOC i2769Vm Best Budget

Best Monitor with Speakers – Reviews

1. ASUS MZ27AQL – Best Overall

Best Monitor with Speakers (Best Overall)

We believe that if you want the best of everything when it comes to a monitor with speakers, the ASUS is the one to get. Not every monitor manufacturer that integrates speakers actually puts increased attention on the actual sound quality and physical components. The ASUS has dual 6w speakers, which is two to three times higher output than most. It even comes with a 5w subwoofer to deliver deep bass for music, movies, and games. The components were codeveloped with Harmon Kardon, world renowned audio equipment providers.

Not only does the ASUS deliver incredible sound, but it also has one of the best displays as well. The IPS panel display is super rich with color and produces stunning levels of detail. It comes in QHD/2K and WQHD models which deliver high resolutions that appeal to just about everyone. We also like the thin profile, and very minimal bezels, which give a high-end minimalist style akin to Apple products.

Amazingly the ASUS is still very affordable, and not surprising is heavily sought after. If you are seriously looking for a monitor with high quality speakers, you should obtain the ASUS while it’s still available.

2. Philips 272E1CA – Best Curved

Best Monitor with Speakers (Best Curved)

Perhaps you are looking for a monitor with speakers, but you also want it to be curved. We love that curved monitors make whatever you are viewing more immersive and tailored to the natural viewing method of our eyes. Curved monitors literally bring the content typically a little out of reach in the far corners, clearly into view.

Who wouldn’t want a high quality curved monitor that also delivers impressive sound? The benefits of the combination could be appreciated with essentially every application from word processing, internet viewing, movies, and to gaming.

The Philips provides everything just described, on an amazing display with great speakers.

3. LG 34WK650-W – Best Ultrawide

Best Monitor with Speakers (Best Ultrawide)

For those who are looking for maximum real estate on the display panel for productivity tasks and entertainment, we’ve got you covered.

LG currently has a massive ultrawide monitor that is fantastic for multitasking, which can include listening to music or streaming video content. All of this is possible via their high fidelity integrated speakers. There’s no need to break your concentration while working on a project to fumble around with external speakers.

This is a great monitor at a price, that probably won’t be available for too long.

4. BenQ EX2780Q – Best Gaming

Best Monitor with Speakers (Best Gaming)

Gaming is important to a lot of individuals young and old. Who doesn’t appreciate some time off from work to play a game?

Gamers should be taking advantage of a monitor with speakers. Every inch of desk space available allows you to focus more on the game. Ideally you would have a desk with just a wireless keyboard and mouse, not cluttered with external speakers and wires.

The BenQ monitor with speakers delivers vibrant visual clarity, high refresh rates, and impressive sound. As a gamer, what more could you ask for?

5. AOC i2769Vm – Best Budget

best monitor with speakers
Best Monitor with Speakers (Best Budget)

For many people the deciding factor on a purchase is it’s price, and they are typically looking for the lowest possible cost that still delivers. We understand that process, and we currently believe the AOC will provide just that.

It’s a solid IPS HD LED display that has great visuals and sound at a very affordable price. You’ll gain all the benefits of a monitor with speakers, such as the reduced clutter, reduced cost, and increased user experience.

How We Decided

In determining the best monitors with speakers to buy, we focused on performance, display, ergonomics, refresh rate, and the number of ports.

With the best monitor for speakers, we recommend a minimum resolution of Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p resolution. Additional picture quality features such as 10-bit color depth for a 1+billion color palette, and 90%+ sRGB/Adobe RGB coverage increase color depth and clarity even further. Don’t forget 178 wide viewing angles and high refresh rates with a minimum 75Hz native refresh rate preferably supported by AMD FreeSync or NVidia Freesytnc for reduced image stuttering and tearing during high motion scenes to best complement your graphics card.

Ergonomics is very critical when it comes to the best monitors for speakers. We are big fans of health height adjustment, swivel, tilt, and pivot options along with 100mm by 100m VESA compatible for mounting on aftermarket mounting arms and walls. Eye Care technology, such as flicker-free and low blue light filtering, should be incorporated as well. Plus, if you’re using a laptop, having an external monitor can also improve productivity.

Lastly, look at the number of ports. The higher and more diversified the number of ports on an HDMI monitor, the more external devices could be charged and connected. We look for the best monitors with speakers with a minimum built-in USB hub, VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI.

Best Monitor with Speakers Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Performance/Display
    Go for the best monitor with speakers with a minimum Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p, which delivers a healthy 16.7 million color palette passable enough for movie watching and gaming. Refresh rates should proceed at 75Hz or higher with AMD Freesync and NVidia G Sync support for optimized image refresh rates (eliminating stuttering and tearing). Don’t forget healthy color scale coverage, preferably 90% and above for Adobe RGB and sRGB, two of the more widely used color schemes.
  2. Ergonomics
    Ergonomics leads to comfort, even with a budget monitor. Look for the best monitor with speakers to carry health swivel, tilt, height adjustment, and pivot options, especially 90 degrees pivoting to convert your monitor to Portrait Mode for vertical scrolling if needed.
  3. Number of Ports
    Look for the best monitor with speakers with at least a built-in USB hub, VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI. for the greatest compatibility between devices, including soundbars, speakers, and other peripherals.

Monitor with Speakers FAQs

Should I buy a monitor with speakers?

Should I get a monitor with built-in speakers? If you want effective built-in speakers for office tasks (e.g. voice command prompts, dictation, and similar services), then we recommend purchasing an IPS, VA, or TN panel monitor with speakers. For more intensive applications (e.g. gaming and movies), we recommend investing in a separate sound system, such as a subwoofer or soundbar with higher wattage and frequency for a more immersive experience.

How do I connect speakers to my monitor?

Regardless of screen size, connecting speakers to a movie is a straightforward process of connecting your HDMI cable to your monitor’s HDMI port and adjusting sound settings to set it as the default sound device. At this point, other settings can be calibrated as well (e.g. overall volume and bass/treble levels)

Why do Monitors not have speakers?

Many monitors do not have built-in speakers due to the added cost and weight. Many manufacturers opt for slimmer profiles at an attractive price point, which can conflict with engineering a sound system in place. Even the best gaming monitor may not have speakers, still enough for the best gaming experiences.

Do all desktop computers have built-in speakers?

Not all desktop computers have built-in speakers. We recommend purchasing an external speaker for gaming or movie watching, as it contains a richer bass and treble palette along with heartier calibration settings than a standard built-in setup.

More Monitors with Unique Features

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