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Best Standing Desk Mat – Ultimate Buying Guide

We pulled together the most popular standing desk mats on the market, spoke to ergonomics experts about what to look for to find the best among them, then spent over 3 months standing on them while we worked.

We discovered that the best mat is largely a matter of personal preference. Our favorites struck a balance between soft and supportive materials, had interesting enough terrain that we didn’t mind being on our feet, and encouraged a healthy rotation of sitting and standing.

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 – Quick List

  1. Topo by Ergodriven Best Overall
  2. Terra MatBest Spacious
  3. Fluidstance Balance BoardBest Dynamic
  4. iMovR EcoLast Dual GripperBest Flat

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 – Reviews

1. Topo by Ergodriven

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 (Best Overall)

Highly cushioned

The Topo by Ergodriven is great for active standers who prefer more cushioning and would enjoy the natural subtlety of its 3D elements. Particularly in its flat space, the Topo is perfectly soft. We asked our testers to rate their mats firmness on a scale of 1-5 (1 being too soft, 3 being a balance of firm and soft, and 5 being too firm). The Topo was the only mat to frequently earn a score of 3. The TerraMat, by comparison, received 4s and 5s. If you like padded insoles in your shoes or a memory foam mat at the kitchen sink, you’ll love the Topo.

Natural topography

The Topo is based on the idea that humans aren’t made to stand on flat ground. The designers even made a video demonstrating the natural, healthy habits of humans to show how they translated those ideas to their mat. The mat is meant to mimic ridges and terrain of natural ground.

Interactive design

The Topo features a ramp at the back of the mat and raised edges around the sides. The combination of details allowed for lots of calf stretching and simple foot engagement. One of our testers who typically sits throughout the day loved the comfort and support of the Topo, comparing the molded surface to the inner soles of her Birkenstocks. “The mat relieved the tension in my standing foot/hip and even let me relax my lower back.” Gentle slopes and cushioned support make the Topo great for subtle foot adjustments while you stand.

2. Terra Mat

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 (Best Spacious)

Spacious flat surface

The Terra Mat Standing Desk Mat, like the Topo, encourages subtle movement and stretching. But the Terra mat features plenty of flat space, making it popular with our taller testers who enjoyed stretching their legs and interacting with the pronounced peaks and bars. If you like exploring with your feet or if you have a naturally wide stance, the Terra Mat, with its pronounced but widely spaced mounds and distant beveled edges, is designed for you.

Interactive elements

If you’re looking for a physically engaging experience that will keep your feet constantly moving over the whole width of a mat, this is for you. The TerraMat is a topographical mat that has five different features to engage with. From “massage mounds” to a balance bar, there are plenty of ways to utilize the mat’s terrain. The testers who preferred the TerraMat found themselves shifting position frequently, but not for a lack of comfort — the scattered features simply encouraged more movement. Overall it received positive responses for its raised slope (great for stretching out the ankles) and beveled bar (to massage the foot).

3. Fluidstance Balance Board

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 (Best Dynamic)

Exciting motion

All of our testers agreed, this board is fun — a slick skateboard without wheels. If you’re looking for an engaging mat that will encourage you to spend more time on your feet, the Fluidstance Level is sure to get you excited about raising that standing desk. The Level encourages constant movement. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to stop moving on the Level: Its unbalanced frame involves a lot of circular motion and rotation of the knees. One tester said, “I would be encouraged to stand more often on it, mainly because it’s such a fun contraption.” This board is great for fidgeting, engaging the core, and pulling you out of an afternoon slump.

Modern aesthetic

The Level by Fluidstance balances a sleek look with innovative movements. With its finished wood surface and die-cast aluminum construction, the Level was the best-looking mat we tested. The elegant design made the Level the only mat praised for its visual appeal — a real standout amidst a sea of dark black mats.

4. iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper

Best Standing Desk Mat 2023 (Best Flat)

Versatile and comfortable

The iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat is the best flat mat we experienced. This unobtrusive mat provides springy support without being too soft, and feels truly energetic compared to standing on the bare floor. It feels a lot like the bouncy rubber mulch of a playground. 


Looking for simple standing comfort, one that works for all kinds of shoes and environments? The EcoLast’s sleek black appearance is inconspicuous enough to be used in professional environments — unlike flashier competitors, it blends easily into any workspace. It’s also durable enough to hold up against heels. 

The bottom of the iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat comes with rubber grips that keep it in place on hard flooring, as well as Velcro patches that keep it from sliding on carpet.

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