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Best ViewSonic Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best ViewSonic monitor might seem overwhelming at first, but we’ve made it much easier with this user-friendly buying guide. ViewSonic (and the bird trio logo) was founded in 1993, and has made a name for itself over the years as a strong competitor for high quality monitors. Currently it is specifically preferred by aspiring and experienced designers and visual professionals. This includes: graphic designers, web designers, photo editors, photographers, and videographers (to name a few).

ViewSonic monitors primarily focus on the vibrancy, color coverage, and overall visual quality of the display. This can be utilized for design as mentioned, but it can also be appreciated for essentially every computer application including: productivity, games, and streaming content.

Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022 – Quick List

  1. ViewSonic VX2776-4K  Best Overall
  2. ViewSonic VP2768-4K PROBest for Professionals
  3. ViewSonic VG2439SMH Best Budget

Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022 – Reviews

1. ViewSonic VX2776-4K-MHD – Best Overall

Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022
Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022 (Best Overall)

Virtually everything about this monitor is appealing, including it’s price tag. We suggest the 27 inch configuration, which is quickly becoming the standard monitor size. We also suggest the 4K setup because of it’s increased visual clarity. The increased screen resolution can have a dramatic impact on photography, graphic design, video editing, streaming movies and tv shows, and gaming.

2. ViewSonic VP2768-4K PRO – Best for Professionals

Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022 (Best for Professionals)

As previously mentioned ViewSonic is a leader in the visual design industry. The ViewSonic VP2768-4K PRO is a preeminent example of ViewSonic’s prowess. It covers 100% of sRGB, with an astonishing palette of 4.39 trillion colors.

The minimal bezels are substantially helpful, allowing you to focus more on your design project’s content, and less on an obtrusive black border. The ergonomic design facilitates your projects as well with the ability to swivel, pivot, tilt, adjust the height, and even physically turn the monitor to a vertical portrait mode.

We again suggest the 27 inch 4K configuration, but you can opt for various screen sizes from 24 inch to 32 inch to ensure you get exactly what you want.

3. ViewSonic VG2439SMH – Best Budget

best viewsonic monitor
Best ViewSonic Monitor 2022 (Best Budget)

If you want to stretch your dollar as far as it can go for high quality monitor, you should consider the ViewSonic VG2439SMH.

We suggest the 24 inch option, which has the benefit of a reduced price and the reduced space it occupies on your desk. Other sizes are available.

This monitor does not have the largest screen, nor smallest bezels, or highest resolution, but it does have the lowest price of the ViewSonic monitors that we currently recommend.

The VG2439SMH does have a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon which should show that the high standards of ViewSonic are still withheld at it’s very affordable price.

Introduction to ViewSonic Monitors

ViewSonic is an American technology company that’s headquartered in Brea, California. The firm was initially founded in 1987 as Keypoint Technology Corporation. However, in 1990, after launching the ViewSonic color monitor line, the company officially changed its name to ViewSonic Corporation.

ViewSonic was originally known as a leader for CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, putting it in close competition with other heavyweight electronics display brands, including NEC, Sony, Panasonic, and MAG Innovision. However, the popularity and effectiveness of ViewSonic’s product offering made them a leader, eventually outpacing its competitors and earning the title of the largest display manufacturer in America or Japan by the year 2000.

The monitor firm has also partnered with other technology brands. In 2000, the company acquired Nokia Display Products’ branded business. The company continues to innovate, which is why they consistently earn awards. In 2017, ViewSonic launched ViewBoard flat panels and software, an interactive whiteboard collection widely adopted by over 5,500 American schools in 2019.

Excluding China, ViewSonic has the third-largest share of the global interactive display market. They are also a Google for Education and a Microsoft Education partner. While the company is headquartered in the United States, its research and development center is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Still, the organization boasts a large global consumer base, with sales offices across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

How ViewSonic Monitors Compare to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Better Color Accuracy: ViewSonic has earned a name within the visually focused set for creating monitors that offer better color accuracy, even more so than the top LG monitors. But this is especially true when viewing vivid or dark content. Blacks tend to look crisper on a ViewSonic monitor as compared to its competitors, especially when watching content in a dark room, which is better than some of the leading Dell monitors.

(Con 1) Monitors Have Larger, Heavier Footprints: While we’re only talking about a few pounds and inches, keep in mind that these are meant to be desktop monitors. So, depending on the size of your desktop, a monitor with a base that’s three inches deeper than any of its competitors might be a problem if you’re trying to squeeze other items onto your desk, too. Meanwhile, the added heft means these aren’t ideal if you’re looking for a portable monitor.

(Pro 2) Wider Viewing Angles: The term “viewing angles” refers to how off-center you can be from a monitor — either to the side or up and down — and still clearly see the content. ViewSonic consistently outperforms the competition with a wide range of viewing angles. This translates to you having more placement or mounting options.

(Con 2) Can Be Pricey Depending on the Model: While ViewSonic makes affordable monitors in smaller sizes at an attractive price (specifically the 24-inch 1080p monitor), they also have quite a few close to or more than $1,000 in price. Ultimately, these can be expensive monitors, which might not be realistic for a budget shopper.

(Pro 3) Ideal for Gamers and Visual Professionals: Gamers, video editors, graphic designers, and other professionals dependent on visual quality can’t go wrong with a ViewSonic monitor. They’re known for having higher refresh rates and response times, which are critical for gamers.

(Con 3) Cheapest Monitor from ViewSonic May Lack Key Features: If you’re shopping on a budget from ViewSonic, you’ll get a quality monitor in terms of contrast ratio and color accuracy. But you may find that you won’t get an extra feature like a USB port or a USB hub. Additionally, you’ll also get minimal height adjustments.

Why You Should Buy a ViewSonic Monitor

Hands down, ViewSonic monitors are ideal for anyone who works in a visual industry or prioritizes image quality. The brand is a fan favorite for gaming monitors and even professional photo editors because of its faster refresh rate and response time.

Similarly, the color coverage and accuracy, especially when working in a darker environment, are rarely topped by competitors except for the best Samsung monitors. Additionally, the brand’s wide viewing angles allow for more configurations, whether you’re placing it on a desktop or opting for a wall mount.

Additionally, you’ll get a flicker-free performance. And if you’re concerned about dead pixels, not only do ViewSonic monitors rarely have that issue, there’s a warranty to cover that.

How Long Will ViewSonic Monitors Last?

As with most LCD monitors, ‌expect to get anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 hours of use before you need to replace a ViewSonic monitor. Translated into years, this means that you could ideally use your ViewSonic monitor for 10 to 20 years — assuming it’s on for eight hours a day — before you need to replace it.

Of course, user behavior will play a role in how long your monitor lasts. If you’re running your monitor for more than eight hours a day, be aware that the lifespan may not reach 20 years. Similarly, bad choices like spilling liquids on your monitor or not taking the right steps to mount it at a proper height will also shorten your monitor’s lifespan.

For best results, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Avoid leaving your monitor on when you’re not using it. Use a surge protector when plugging it in to prevent electrical fluctuations which could damage internal components. And just as important, make sure that any air vents aren’t blocked. If necessary, use a small vacuum to clean any debris that could block the vents. And avoid using your monitor at maximum brightness as this can cause the LCDs to burn out prematurely.

ViewSonic Monitor Warranties

ViewSonic monitor warranties vary slightly depending on the model you purchase. However, all ViewSonic monitors are covered by a three-year limited warranty that applies to parts, labor, and LCD backlight. The warranty starts from the purchase date.

However, ViewSonic monitors are also covered by an LCD Pixel Performance Guarantee. This additional warranty states that you’re guaranteed to have a “high-quality screen performance with no more than the following improperly operating pixels depending on the native panel resolutions”:

  • Panels with resolution smaller than 3840 x 2160: Three improperly operating pixels and no more than two bright or two dark pixels
  • Panels with resolution 3840 x 2160 or higher: Eight improperly operating pixels and no more than five bright or five dark pixels.

Additionally, there is a two-year limited warranty for the monitor privacy screen and a one-year limited warranty for any monitor mount arm or brackets purchased through ViewSonic.

Best ViewSonic Monitor FAQs

Do ViewSonic monitors come with webcams?

Not all ViewSonic monitors come standard with a camera. However, the ViewSonic VG2437MC LED Monitor has an integrated webcam that supports video conferencing through Skype and other programs.

Do ViewSonic monitors have a microphone?

Not all ViewSonic monitors have a microphone, but a few models offer this feature. In particular, the ViewSonic VGA2437SMC 24-inch monitor comes with a microphone, built-in speakers, and two USB ports.

What is IPS versus VA?

IPS and VA are two types of panel systems commonly found in LED and LCD screens and monitors. IPS is short for in-plane switching. It’s an LCD configuration where the liquid crystals are aligned in a parallel formation. An IPS panel allows for wider viewing angles and more accurate color representation. VA is short for vertical alignment, which means that the liquid crystals are vertically aligned. While still a commendable option with excellent contrast ratios for better visual detail, VA panels are considered inferior to IPS because of their smaller viewing angles.

Is OLED better than IPS?

OLED is technically considered better than IPS because of its accuracy, even when viewed at extreme angles. However, both IPS and OLED offer color consistency and accuracy thanks to precise color reproduction.

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