How to Easily Create a WordPress Site

There’s a first time for everything.  If you’ve yet to create a WordPress site don’t sweat it…it’s easy.

1. Obtain Domain and Hosting Plan

Using a Host/Registrar such as Godaddy is a simple one-stop solution for creating a WordPress site, so out of convenience I will be suggesting them for this tutorial.

Purchasing a domain typically costs $12.99 and up for a .com and the prices start at appox. $2.99 and up for .info, .me, etc.  My advice is spend the few extra dollars for the .com or .net, and be creative yet effective with the domain name.

The hosting cost is approx. $10/mo for the advanced plan, which is a considerable deal since you can host multiple sites from the single plan.  Note: Usually you’re not going to need much more than that.


2.  Install WordPress

Within your Godaddy account, go to “Manage Your Hosting” then navigate to the “Web Applications” section within cPanel.



Choose the WordPress application and go through a “breezy” (seriously) installation.  Note: One key benefit of Godaddy’s WordPress installation is the automatic creation and connection of a database.

Within the “Installatron” is a simple step-by-step wizard, which is even faster than the famous “5 minute install”.  Note: mostly consists of choosing the directory and setting up a username and password.



3. Install a Theme

WordPress will automatically install the “2015 theme” but chances are you’ll be wanting something else.

The easiest way to install a new theme is literally through WordPress’ admin “Themes”.  Simply “Add New” and choose a free theme to your liking.



If you want something a bit more polished the easiest and overall best places to procure moderately priced themes are and



4. Add Content

You’re pretty much already done with the intial setup, now it’s up to you to customize and “plug away” at the content.  With the wysiwyg editor and the self-explanatory buttons and checkboxes,  adding content is fairly instinctive even for first time users.  Note: use (key) plugins to facilitate your site (such as Yoast SEO Plugin), and don’t “overbloat” with numerous add-ons.




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