How to Establish Yourself as a Web Expert to Clients

The position of a web expert is not always easy to establish (even if you are already one), because it usually only becomes apparent to a client over time with a few successful decisions or projects. It doesn’t help either that many clients still regard creative digital agencies and freelancers as either kids living in their parents’ basement or shady professionals out to take them for every last penny.

Though a challenge, you can establish your credibility quickly using a few methods, some of which are relatively simple to do.


Before they’re convinced that you’re a digital professional and that they should trust your recommendations, you must first demonstrate your professionalism by doing the basics well:

• Be punctual at meetings and teleconferences. • Always speak in a professional manner. • Deliver pre-sales paperwork on time. • Present all documents and images on professionally branded templates. • Use correct grammar and punctuation in emails.

You’d be surprised by how quickly clients pick upon deficiencies in these basic business skills. Their perception of you and your recommendations will be immediately affected. Unless you come across as the consummate professional early on, shaking off this reputation will be difficult.

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