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When you first sign up for Semrush, you get the option of starting out with a 7-day free trial of either a Pro or Guru subscription.

This trial allows you to test out each of our tools and reports to help you understand how Semrush fits your needs and if Pro or Guru would be better for you.

Semrush trial

You can find out more about the limits of each account level here.

However, if your trial ends and you wish to continue using free SEO tools, you can downgrade the account to a free Semrush subscription, which has its own limits.

So what can you do with a free account?

Domain and Keyword Analytics

10 Searches Per Day

You can perform 10 searches a day in our Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases; this means you are only able to use the Semrush search bar to pull a report 10 times before your daily limit is reached.

If you enter a domain into the search bar, that would be considered one search. If you then click on any of the links to further reports within the Domain Overview report, this would also count as a search — bringing your total to 2 searches.

If you are just testing out the software, it may make sense that you only need to perform 10 searches a day. However, it is important to note that the next level paid subscriptions to allow for even more searches. 

  • Pro users have access to 3,000 searches
  • Guru users have access to 5,000 searches
  • Business users have access to 10,000 searches
Semrush Domain Analytics

10 Results Per Request

Just like your daily search limit, the maximum number of results made to the Analytics reports per day is limited to only 10. For example, if you go into the Organic Positions report and query, you would only be able to examine the first 10 keywords listed in that domain’s Organic Positions Report.

The 10 results per search limit will be the same in all other analytics reports as well; this includes Backlinks reports, Advertising Research reports, and Keyword reports. In contrast, the paid subscriptions allow for even more results per search. 

  • Pro offers 10,000 results
  • Guru offers 30,000 results
  • Business offers 50,000 results

Keyword Magic Tool

As a free user, you can make up to 10 daily searches in the Keyword Magic Tool, and receive 10 rows of results for each search.

This tool gives you a great way to dive into keyword research and understand what the audience in your niche is searching for online.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to save any of your recent searches in the Keyword Magic Tool. 

Search history is how the Keyword Magic Tool keeps a history of your keyword research.

Semrush Keyword Analytics

When you upgrade to a paid user, you will be able to keep up to 350 of your recent requests!

When you enter your first seed keyword in the Keyword Magic Tool as a paid user, it will be saved into your search history with the other seed keywords you have queried. This lets you go back at any time to reference keyword research you started in the past.

Keyword Magic Tool search history

Creating and Managing a Semrush Project

As a free user, you can create and manage one Project.

For those unfamiliar with our Projects section, each Project basically serves as a dashboard that will display a preview of each tool’s main metrics. Each project includes 12 individual tools.

If you want additional projects our Pro level package includes 5 Projects, our Guru package includes 15 Projects, and our Business level package includes 40 projects.

However, if you decide to stay as a free user, even after setting up your project, you will be limited in what you can do.

Crawl 100 Pages with Site Audit

Site Audit will provide you with an overall health score of your website as well as a list of issues found with the given website. As a free user, your Site Audit is limited to only 100 crawled pages; this includes crawls of given a domain, subdomain or subfolder. 

This data may suffice for certain websites. However, most websites have over 100 pages, so it may be something to consider when thinking about what level of account works best for you.

Semrush Site Audit

If you realize the free level account is not going to be enough, you can look towards our paid accounts.

  • Pro allows you to crawl up to 100,000 pages per month
  • Guru allows 300,000 pages per month
  • Business allows 1 million pages per month

Track 10 Keywords with Position Tracking

The 10 keywords that are available for free users to track refers to our Position Tracking tool. This tool allows you to enter a domain, a list of competitors, a list of keywords to track and set a location and device type. Then, we will track the daily rankings of your domain and competitors on the results pages for this target keyword list.

This powerful tool can provide you with localized ranking data on a frequent basis. Depending on your client size and the campaign, 10 keywords may not be enough for you to track.

Upgrading your account will give you the ability to track more keywords.

  • Pro gives you 500 keywords
  • Guru gives you 1,500 keywords
  • Business gives you 5,000 keywords

If you ever need more keywords than what your plan provides, you can reach out to your account executive to add additional keywords to your account.

It is important to note that If you have multiple projects set up, these keywords are split amongst them, and not limited to each project.

SEO Ideas Units

SEO Ideas units are shared between three different tools: SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, and On Page SEO Checker

These tools give you suggestions on how to structure content after you input a target keyword. With a free account, you are given a total of 10 SEO Idea units per month. 

Each target keyword you input into one of these tools will count as an SEO Ideas unit, and these three tools share the pool of 10 units. 

You can create one SEO Content Template, one On-Page SEO Checker campaign, and use the SEO Writing Assistant once (SEO Writing Assistant essentially integrates your SEO Content Template into a draft on Google Docs or WordPress).

You can use these keywords however you’d like across one On Page SEO Checker campaign and one SEO Content Template & SEO Writing Assistant.

So if you create an SEO Content Template targeting a single keyword, the number of SEO Ideas units you have for your On-Page SEO Checker campaign would now be 9.

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