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Best Dual Monitor Stand – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best dual monitor stand might seem a bit overwhelming, but we’ve made it much easier with this user-friendly buying guide. If you want to maximize your viewing experience and productivity, you need more than one monitor. A dual monitor stand accomplishes this with some additional benefits as well.

You free up valuable desktop space where the monitors would have previously been placed. Your health can literally be improved with precise adjustability that reduces neck, shoulder, and back pain. It’s even said to reduce eye strain. We’ve compiled a list of these helpful devices to help you find the best dual monitor stand for you.

Best Dual Monitor Stand – Quick List

  1. AmazonBasics Best Overall
  2. VariBest Value
  3. Mount-It!Best Budget

Best Dual Monitor Stand – Reviews

1. AmazonBasics – Best Overall

Best Dual Monitor Stand (Best Overall)

The AmazonBasics dual monitor stand is pretty much exactly what most people are looking for. A modern, highly adjustable, well made, and affordable dual monitor stand. It’s relatively easy to setup with the VESA mounting, and you can achieve just about angle you want. This stand is perfect for monitors viewed side by side. You can even effortlessly rotate, and view one monitor (or both) in a vertical portrait mode. It’s made for monitors 27 inches or smaller, which currently is the most popular size of monitors right now.

2. Vari – Best Value

Best Dual Monitor Stand (Best Vari)

Vari is pretty well known for their standing desks and standing desk converters. They’ve now gained some considerable traction for their monitor stands as well. They’re a little more modern looking than most, with a good amount of adjustability and stability. The Vari’s full motion spring arms and 360 degrees of articulation are advanced features not found in every dual monitor stand. Similar to the AmazonBasics, it supports monitors 27 inches and smaller.

3. Mount-It! – Best Budget

Best Dual Monitor Stand (Best Budget)

If price is one of your main concerns, than you should consider the Mount-It! dual monitor stand. It has the essential features needed such as: VESA compatibility, sturdy construction, and easy installation. Compared to the Vari, the Mount-It! supports 180 degrees of articulation, and does not have spring loaded arms.

How We Decided

For this list of the best dual monitor stands, we included those that struck the right balance between stability and comfort so users can focus on their work or enjoy their free time in front of their computers.

For stability, we factored in each stand’s weight tolerance and mount types. We observed that many stands can support up to 20lbs of weight, while some go beyond, holding up to 22lbs and above. We decided to set 20lbs as our minimum during the selection process to ensure that a very wide variety of monitors can be installed on the stands we pick.

We also put a premium on the type of mount on each stand. Grommet/C-clamp mounts offer better stability than free-standing mounts, so we picked the products that are primarily held up by such. We also found free-standing mounts with optional grommet brackets to maximize stability.

Monitor articulation was also something we considered. We selected stands that can be easily swiveled and tilted according to your preferences. Most stands we chose allow for a 360-degree horizontal rotation and a +/- 45-degree vertical tilt angle, easily accommodating people of all heights.

Lastly, we considered the stands’ installation. We included only those with VESA brackets for maximum monitor compatibility.

Best Dual Monitor Stand Buyers’ Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Articulation and adjustability
    This refers to how easily you can adjust the arms and swivels of your stand. Opt for stands that let you turn your monitors vertically or horizontally, rotated in 360 degrees, or with customizable angles, all according to your workstation. Especially if you use an adjustable standing desk, having a range of motion in the arms that allows you to adjust the viewing angle makes getting work done easier and less distracting.
  2. Mount type
    Dual monitor stands come in C-clamp, grommet bracket, or free-standing options. Clamps and brackets offer better stability, but they need to be attached to the edge of your desk. On the other hand, free stands can be placed on any surface, but their stability will depend largely on the platform it’s placed on.
  3. Monitor Compatibility
    Before you pick a stand, it’s important to consider what monitor you’ll be attaching to it. Take a look at a monitor’s weight and size, and check if a stand can support it. If your monitor is a touchscreen, make sure the stand is sturdy and durable enough to withstand consistent tapping and touch pressure. Also, consider a stand with VESA mounts to make mounting monitors easier.
  4. Installation
    Based on the type of mount you have also affects how easy it is to set up. Free stand mounts require little to no installation, while C-clamps and grommet brackets require a bit more effort to install properly. VESA mounts simply require monitors to be screwed onto the mount to be attached. Though it’s not necessary, a quality power cable management system does help improve the appearance of your computer setup. In a perfect world, the ideal solution would be to just have all wireless and cordless products, but cords are part of reality for now. Organizing your system’s cords, they won’t hang everywhere and risk tripping someone, so a decent cable management system would definitely be a plus.

Dual Monitor Stand FAQs

What cords do I need for dual monitors?

Some monitors still use VGA or DVI cables, but in most cases, HDMI cables are what you’ll need to use.

What is the best way to position two monitors?

To get the most out of dual monitors, identify the amount of time you spend on each one. If you’ll use them equally, place the monitors side by side in a slightly V position. If you’ll be using one as the primary monitor, place that monitor directly in front of you, with the other one to its side in a 30-degree angle.


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