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Best Standing Desk Converter – Ultimate Buying Guide

A standing desk is considered by many to be healthier than sitting at an office desk for prolonged periods. Standing desks can increase productivity, energy, and even longevity of life (seriously). We can personally attest the instantly noticeable reduction in strain on your back.

Switching to a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to throw out your current one. One very effective (and very popular) way to transition to a standing desk is with a standing desk converter. A significant benefit of a standing desk converter is that they are typically less expensive than purchasing an entire standing desk (as you would expect).

There currently is no shortage of standing desk converters out there, and that’s how we’d like to help. We’ve scoured the online market and determined the following in-depth list based on personal testing, customer reviews, and expert opinions of the best standing desk converters available.

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 – Quick List

  1. VariDesk Pro Plus – Best Overall
  2. FlexispotBest Size Options
  3. VIVO – Best Value
  4. FEZIBO Best Electric
  5. FITUEYES Best Budget

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 – Reviews

1. VariDesk Pro Plus – Best Overall

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 (Best Overall)

The VariDesk Pro Plus not only tops our list for best standing converters but is also included in our picks for the best standing desk… that’s how good it is.

What makes the Varidesk stand apart (and above) most standing desk converters is the attention towards quality engineering, materials, and design. Once you have it setup in your home or office, it’s intuitively noticeable that this is a well built product.

We loved that setting it up literally involves no tools or assembly. Simply take it out of the box and place it on your desk of choice. The ability to lay flat also makes it great for transport and storage.

It can be raised and lowered easily thanks to its spring-loaded design (with 11 different height settings) and easy to use handles.

It’s seriously strong, with an upper level that’s easily capable of supporting a dual-monitor setup, or a monitor and laptop. The lower deck provides enough space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and a tablet.

It currently has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so you’re essentially guaranteed a high quality standing desk converter.

2. Flexispot – Best Size Options

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 (Best Size Options)

If you want maximum real estate for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories, we believe Flexispot provides exactly that at. Flexispot offers a 35”, 41”, and a massive 47” standing desk converter, all of which are well engineered and affordably priced.

For most people we recommend a 35” or 36” standing desk converter, but for people that are looking for a bit more room to work with we highly recommend the 41” or 47” from Flexispot. Both of the two tiers (top and keyboard tray) of the Flexispot offer more room than the majority of standing desk converters.

We also liked the one-hand easy to use control for lifting and lowering (directly up or down) with little to no noise.

3. VIVO – Best Value

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 (Best Value)

The VIVO standing desk converter is similar to the Vari in it’s overall design and quality. What separates it is the lower price and the size of some features. The lifting and lowering was stable and smooth, and we had no problems with it’s sturdiness at maximum height.

The keyboard tray is not as spacious as the VariDesk or Flexispot, but it was still big enough for a standard keyboard and mouse. The upper level was comparable to VariDesk, and we personally liked the slot for your phone or tablet.

If you want a reliable and affordable standing desk that also looks stylish, the VIVO is for you.

4. FEZIBO – Best Electric

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 (Best Electric)

If you want a standing desk converter that maximizes the usage of technology and is ultra user focused, the Fezibo electric standing desk converter may be exactly what your looking for.

The upper and lower tiers were among the most spacious out there, with plenty of extra room for your favorite drink or office ornament. We thought the electric lowering and raising was satisfying to use, and it does allow for precise height adjustments.

The design and engineering is somewhat a combination of the previously mentioned standing desk converters, but with unique aspects of it’s own. It has the aesthetics and ergonomics of the Vari and VIVO, and a scissor like lifting mechanism similar to Flexispot, and an electric motor that’s completely unique.

5. FITUEYES – Best Budget

Best Standing Desk Converter 2022 (Best Budget)

The FITUEYES is a minimal frills, gets the job done standing desk converter, at a very affordable price. We believe the FITUEYES looks good, and the lifting mechanism was easy to use and stable. The upper and lower tier actually provide substantial space for your office needs and wants. Even though this is the lowest priced standing desk converter we have listed, it still is well built and professional grade.

In many ways the FITUEYES is similar to the FEZIBO, yet not motorized and not quite as spacious.

If you want the lowest priced high quality standing desk converter, than the FITUEYES is for you.

Why choose a standing desk converter over a standing desk?

If you’re considering spending a significant sum (although there are great budget options out there) on a standing desk converter, you may be wondering if you should just upgrade to a standing desk instead and for good reason. However, not everyone is in the position to do so for a number of reasons. 

Standing desks are significantly more expensive than standing desk converters as some can be had for just over a hundred dollars. At the same time, standing desks can take up a lot of space especially if you’re currently in a small apartment or a cramped dorm room. University students are in a unique position as well since most colleges don’t allow you to change the furniture in your dorm room. The same concept applies to employees who work in offices that want to give working while standing a chance but can’t swap out their existing desk for a new one without first getting the necessary approval from HR. With a standing desk converter though, you can upgrade your existing desk with little to no fuss. They’re also compact enough that you could even throw a standing desk converter in your car and bring it with you wherever you go.

The recent transition to remote work left many people without a dedicated home office using their kitchen tables or other places around their homes to work. Even if you’re still using your kitchen table, a standing desk converter will make it feel like an actual desk with the added bonus of extra space for your files, coffee and anything else you may need while working.

If you do decide to upgrade to a full standing desk later on, you can always sell your standing desk converter online or even give it to a friend or colleague that’s also interested in being more active throughout their workday.

How to choose the best standing desk converter for you

Here are a few key areas you should consider when deciding on the best standing desk converter for you:

How much space do you have? Desks come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to find a standing desk converter that fits on your current desk.

Do you have a dual monitor setup? If so, you’ll need to find a standing desk converter that can support the weight of two monitors and provide a suitable mounting option.

Manual or electric? Do you want an electric motor to help you raise and lower your standing desk converter or are you happy to save money and do the heavy lifting yourself?

How we tested the best standing desk converters

When rounding up our picks for the best standing desk converter, we first looked at brands like Vari, UPLIFT Desk, Flexispot and Ergotron because we reviewed standing desks from each company in the past. 

From here, we included budget options from Mount-It and VIVO for those looking to try a standing desk converter without breaking the bank. We also took into account users that want to have dual monitor setups as well as those who want to use a standing desk converter to help organize their office or home workspace.

We compared the specifications listed for each model and looked at user reviews to get an insight into how easy the desk converters are to use on a daily basis.

There’s something for everyone here but we also plan to update this guide with new models for additional use cases going forward.

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