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Best Viotek Monitor – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best Viotek Monitor is no small task, but we’ve made it much easier for you with this buying guide with product reviews. Viotek has been around for a while now and they continue to focus on high quality computer products with some of the most affordable prices available. They mainly focus on gaming monitors, but the displays that they create are great for everyday tasks and productivity as well. The list below includes our best overall pick followed by the most popular screen sizes for gaming and multi-purpose.

Best Viotek Monitor – Quick List

  1. VIOTEK GNV27DB Best Overall
  2. VIOTEK GFV22CBBest 22 inch
  3. VIOTEK NBV24CB2Best 24 inch
  4. VIOTEK RFI25CBA Best 25 inch
  5. VIOTEK GNV27DB2Best 27 inch
  6. VIOTEK NFI29CBBest 29 inch
  7. VIOTEK GNV30CBXABest 30 inch
  8. VIOTEK GNV32DBBest 32 inch
  9. VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 Best 34 inch
  10. VIOTEK SUW49DABest 49 inch

Best Viotek Monitor – Reviews

1. VIOTEK GNV27DB – Best Overall

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best Overall)

The VIOTEK GNV27DB gives you what most Viotek fans are looking for. It has a moderate size of 27 inches, a QHD 2560x1440p resolution, 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync, an amazing 3 year warranty, and a super low price. What more could you want?

2. VIOTEK GFV22CB – Best 22 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 22 inch)

If you have a somewhat smaller computer setup space to work with or you simpler like more compact screens, then the 22 inch VIOTEK GFV22CB is probably what you’re looking for. It still has plenty of gaming features including a 144hz refresh rate, and G-Sync & AMD FreeSync. The 3.5mm audio out is also useful if you want to plugin some headphones or external speakers.

3. VIOTEK NBV24CB2Best 24 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 24 inch)

24 inches is still one of the most popular sizes for monitors right now and the 24 inch VIOTEK NBV24CB2 is a great testament to that. It provides a good mix of features that can be utilized for gaming and more traditional home/office use. The bezels are super thin and the price is super low making it ideal for multiple monitors side by side. You could easily setup a 48-72 inch array for an incredibly affordable price.

4. VIOTEK RFI25CBABest 25 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 25 inch)

If you want a little bit bigger option than the VIOTEK NBV24CB2, the 25 inch VIOTEK RFI25CBA is most likely a good fit for you. It has plenty of impressive features such as a 114hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and 111% sRGB. The outstanding color coverage ensures that all your favorite games come to life the way they were meant to.

5. VIOTEK GNV27DB2 – Best 27 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 27 inch)

The VIOTEK GNV27DB2 is a great competitor to our Best Overall pick since it is another stellar 27 inch Viotek display. Viotek is known for supplying multiple gaming features in their monitors, and the VIOTEK GNV27DB2 is no exception. It has the high specs that customers have come to expect such as the 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The VIOTEK GNV27DB2 is a QHD, 1440p monitor so you’ll see every detail on and off the pc gaming battlefield.

6. VIOTEK NFI29CB – Best 29 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 29 inch)

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable ultrawide monitors on the market right now, the 29 inch VIOTEK NFI29CB is a fantastic choice. There are a few compromises with the VIOTEK NFI29CB such as an amazing 122% pro-rated sRGB, but a somewhat lower refresh rate compared to the other monitors on this list. This makes it more of a multi-purpose monitor and less of a purely gaming focused display.

7. VIOTEK GNV30CBXA – Best 30 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 30 inch)

The VIOTEK GNV30CBXA is a tad bit larger than the VIOTEK NFI29CB, and slightly more expensive. You get an even more immersive experience with the VIOTEK GNV30CBXA thanks to it’s 30 inch curved screen. It also delivers a very impressive 200hz refresh rate and has sRGB color coverage of 112%. The stylish stand is also fully adjustable which means that you can adjust the tile, swivel, height, and even pivot the entire screen from horizontal to vertical.

8. VIOTEK GNV32DB – Best 32 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 32 inch)

32 inch monitors believe it or not are steadily becoming a more standard size. In fact, here at WTG we use primarily 32 inch displays for all of our day to day work and play. The VIOTEK GNV32DB has a desirable mix of a 32 inch screen, with a WQHD resolution (2560×1440), 144hz refresh rate, and VESA support. Just imagine having 2 or 3 of these monitors on adjustable monitor arms.

9. VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 – Best 34 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 34 inch)

The VIOTEK GNV34DBE2 is somewhat similar to the VIOTEK GNV30CBXA, but it has even bigger 34 inch screen. The gaming specs are very solid with a 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, HDR, UWQHD resolution (3440×1440), and G-Sync & FreeSync support. You’ll be hard-pressed finding a more affordably priced 34 inch gaming monitor.

10. VIOTEK SUW49DA – Best 49 inch

Best Viotek Monitor 2023 (Best 49 inch)

The VIOTEK SUW49DA in many ways is the ultimate Viotek monitor. The most obvious thing that sets it apart is the incredibly massive 49 inch super ultrawide screen. It’s literally like have 2-3 monitors in 1. The resolution is also astonishing at 5120×1440. The 120hz refresh rate keeps up with the best of them, and the VIOTEK SUW49DA even comes with a remote to sit back and watch your favorite streaming content.

Why Should You Buy an Viotek Monitor?

Viotek is an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-quality monitor that will last for years. They offer a wide variety of monitors in various sizes, shapes, and resolutions. Their monitors are also reliable and durable and ‌have inputs that will receive both an analog signal and a digital signal.

Viotek monitors are available at most electronics outlets and online retailers with liquid crystal display options, a modern flat-panel monitor or curved display, and the input connector you need. They also have a solid reputation for being a quality brand. So, if you’re looking for a dependable monitor, Viotek is a great choice.

Whether you’re looking for standard-width monitors or curved screens, Viotek likely has what you need. You can find something with an excellent graphics card and enough pixels to fit your space, with plenty of screen real estate in LCD technology.

Viotek monitors also offer a sufficient swivel range and a 60Hz refresh rate or higher to fit your physical space. This dynamic range in a display device means you get a typical widescreen monitor of quality with a color display capability to suit your needs.

How Long Will Viotek Monitors Last?

Viotek monitors typically last for a long time. They’re reliable and durable, which means they often last for ten years without breaking down.

However, it’s important to note that an Viotek personal monitor is not indestructible. They can still be damaged if they’re mishandled or dropped. If you take care of your Viotek monitor, it should last for a long time.

The most common problem that users experience with Viotek-connected monitors is screen flickering. You can usually fix this problem by updating the monitor’s firmware or drivers.

Viotek Warranty

Viotek offers a standard one-year warranty on all of its monitors. This warranty covers any defects in the monitor’s construction or performance.

If your Viotek monitor is damaged or malfunctions, you can contact Viotek customer service for assistance. They will help you troubleshoot the problem and determine whether the warranty covers the monitor. They will repair or replace the monitor free of charge if it is.

Best Viotek Monitor FAQs

How can I get the most out of my Viotek monitor?

Adjust the brightness and contrast settings to get the most out of your Viotek monitor. You should also calibrate your monitor using a colorimeter.

Are Viotek IPS monitors good?

Viotek IPS monitors are some of the best on the market. They offer excellent color accuracy, viewing angles, and image quality.

Are Viotek monitors compatible with Mac?

Most Viotek monitors are compatible with Mac computers. However, you may need to download the latest drivers and firmware to make them work properly. You also need to make sure you have the correct connections, which may require an adapter.

What is an IPS monitor?

An IPS monitor is a type of LCD monitor that uses In-Plane Switching technology to produce better image quality. They offer improved color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times.

What is an aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the monitor’s width to its height. Most monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9, which means their width is 16 times greater than their height.

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