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Best IPS Monitor Under 200 Dollars – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best ips monitor under 200 dollars might seem daunting, but we’ve made it much easier with our user-friendly buying guide. IPS monitors were initially expensive when they were first released, but now they are incredibly affordable. We totally get it that most people want to spend around 200 dollars for a new monitor. So we’ve compiled useful info and reviews below for the best ips monitors under 200 dollars.

Best IPS Monitor Under 200 Dollars – Quick List

  1. HP 24mhBest Overall
  2. Acer SB220QBest Acer 22 inch
  3. Sceptre E248W-19203RBest Sceptre 24 inch
  4. Philips 246E9QDSBBest Philips 24 inch
  5. LG 24M47VQBest LG 24 inch
  6. HP M27haBest HP 27 inch
  7. Dell SE2719HBest Dell 27 inch
  8. Samsung CF390 Best Samsung 27 inch
  9. HP VH240aBest Adjustability
  10. ASUS VG248QGBest Gaming

Best IPS Monitor Under 200 Dollars – Reviews

1. HP 24mh – Best Overall

best ips monitor under 200 dollars
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Overall)

The HP 24mh is currently one of the best selling, highest rated monitors available right now. It strives and succeeds, at giving you as many features as possible at an affordable price. The IPS display excels with providing crisp visuals in consistent color, with 178 degrees of viewability. We think the monitor’s design and style is pretty much perfect. With contrasting black and gray, minimal bezels, and a sleek adjustable stand.

The built-in speakers are helpful since it can open up more space on your desk area (no need for external speakers). The Low Blue Light Mode is definitely a nice touch, and can be quite useful for long sessions on the computer, since it promotes eye health.

2. Acer SB220Q bi – Best Acer 22 inch

Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Acer 22 inch)

Acer is another leading seller of affordable computer products, and the Acer SB220Q is a perfect example of that. The extra compact 22 inch display makes it ideal for fitting into office setups with limited space.

3. Sceptre E248W-19203R – Best Sceptre 24 inch

Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Sceptre 24 inch)

The Sceptre E248W-19203R is quickly rising the ranks of the best selling computer monitor right now. It’s ultra thin, ultra modern, and has built-in speakers. What more do you want?

4. Philips 246E9QDSB – Best Philips 24 inch

best 24 inch ips monitor
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Philips 24 inch)

The Philips 246E9QDSB is perfect for designers, photographers, and anyone else who appreciates color accuracy. The IPS panel covers an unbelievable 129% sRGB and 108% of NTSC of the color gamut. The price of this monitor will surprise you, in a very good way.

5. LG 24M47VQ – Best LG 24 inch

Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best LG 24 inch)

The LG 24M47VQ makes quite the visual statement for your home or office. It has a stunning, sleek, and modern stand that upgrades the aesthetics of your environment the minute you set it up.

6. HP M27ha – Best HP 27 inch

best ips monitor under $200
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best HP 27 inch)

If you love the HP 24mh but perhaps you want a little bit bigger screen, you should take a very serious look at the HP M27ha. The larger 27 inch screen gives you more room to work with for multi-tasking with multiple windows and applications. The bigger display is also appreciated for providing enlarged images and videos of your favorite content. Even though the screen is somewhat larger, it’s still compact enough to easily fit into just about every office setup.

7. Dell SE2719H – Best Dell 27 Inch

best ips monitor under 200 dollars
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Dell 27 inch)

The Dell SE2719H is one of the larger sized monitors from this list at 27 inches. The bezels are almost not noticeable, which it makes it perfect for a dual (or even triple) monitor setup. The IPS, LED display has a solid FHD resolution, and a good refresh rate.

8. Samsung CF390 – Best Samsung 27 Inch

best 27 inch ips monitor
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Samsung 27 inch)

The Samsung CF390 has some interesting features not found in the others from this list. One of the most compelling features is the 27 inch curved screen. With a 18000R curvature, it really does pulls you in. The stand (and overall design) is considerably stylish with a modern motif.

9. HP VH240a – Best Adjustability

best ips monitor under 200
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Adjustability)

HP has managed to procure all top 3 spots, including our Best Adjustability pick, with the HP VH240a. The highly adjustable stand lets you view the IPS panel from just about every possible angle. You can swivel, tilt, adjust the height, and even physically pivot the screen from horizontal to vertical.

10. ASUS VG248QG – Best Gaming

best 144hz ips monitor under 200
Best IPS Monitors Under $200 (Best Gaming)

The ASUS VG248QG is an incredible bargain for around 200 big ones. It truly is a topt-tier, IPS gaming monitor. The 24 inch, FHD screen fits into just about any place you setup your computer, while still being large enough to see plenty of action. There is a wide abundance of gaming features, to keep that action going. The ASUS VG248QG has a 165Hz refresh rate (with support for 144Hz), to get things started. Combine that with a 0.5ms response time, built-in speakers, Adaptive-Sync, G-SYNC, pivoting stand, and VESA compatibility. It pretty much has it all.


What does IPS stand for?

IPS stands for in-plane switching, a type of LED (a form of LCD) display panel technology. IPS panels are characterized as having the best color and viewing angles among the other main types of display panels, TN (twisted nematic) and VA (vertical alignment). 

Is IPS Really Better?

When compared to TN and VA displays, IPS monitors have historically provided better image quality and viewing angles. IPS displays are also known for having the highest color fidelity, making them an excellent choice for everything from photo editing, to streaming video, to pc games (and everything in between).

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